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Rachel Bastarache Bogan--video editor, artist and writer. I like making and talking about art, making movies and writing science fiction. I'm also a competitive NES Tetris player.

I'm also available for hire as a video editor, artist or writer! Check our my Demo Reel for more info.
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Oh. My. Starfleet!! I have waited a DECADE to play this game!!! I never ever had a computer capable of actually handling the graphics, commands and inputs all at once. And now I do. It’s such a simple thing. Just a computer game. But you have no idea how excited I am right now. #startrek #retro #bridgecommander

I went for a walk right after my husband left for work this morning. Where we live right now, you can hear chirping crickets, song birds, early-rising roosters, and cows chatting to each other in the field on the other side of the woods. If I were a cow in this same field, with the morning sun cascading over the rolling grass—grass heavy with shimmering dew—I’d tell the neighborhood to come and see the grandeur too. There are few things that inspire me as an artist as much as morning sunlight.
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Oh my goodness! I always imagined a little coffee shop where I could sit and think or whatever. I'm always in my room planning things and planning things and planning things. I'm working on the whole making steps towards my dream. I never thought about a field or anything. There's this nice little field tucked away of a trail by my house. And it seems perfect now that I'm thinking about it.
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Yay! Glad to have given you some inspiration! It’s not always easy to see what lies in front of our faces sometimes and we need another person to turn our head so our eyes see something different that our normal. Can’t wait to see what comes of your spending time in that field!


The adventurous Polaroid Cube is just 1.5 inches cubed and packs HD video capabilities. Swoon.

It even has a magnetic base so you can mount it on anything that magnets stick to. Neat-O!

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Thank You, Jay Tolar

Jay Tolar is an SIM missionary. He was diagnosed with ALS in 2009, during my first year at SIM. Over the years, I came to love Jay and his wife, Heidi. They were some of the few people who not only understood my role as a media missionary but also encouraged me day in and day out to keep doing my best work. Their words got me through some of my roughest spots while working at SIM. Today, Jay is in the final stages of ALS, preparing for the close day he goes home to be with Jesus.

On Friday, my husband asked my help with this special project. He asked me to edit this video for Jay. Robo shot 19 short interviews at work that day, giving many of Jay’s friends and coworkers their chance to say their last words of encouragement and love to Jay. I got to say my last words by editing everyone together for this short movie.

The theaters of the future will be bigger and more beautiful than ever before. They will employ expensive presentation formats that cannot be accessed or reproduced in the home (such as, ironically, film prints). And they will still enjoy exclusivity, as studios relearn the tremendous economic value of the staggered release of their products.
The projects that most obviously lend themselves to such distinctions are spectacles. But if history is any guide, all genres, all budgets will follow. Because the cinema of the future will depend not just on grander presentation, but on the emergence of filmmakers inventive enough to command the focused attention of a crowd for hours.
These new voices will emerge just as we despair that there is nothing left to be discovered. As in the early ’90s, when years of bad multiplexing had soured the public on movies, and a young director named Quentin Tarantino ripped through theaters with a profound sense of cinema’s past and an instinct for reclaiming cinema’s rightful place at the head of popular culture.
Never before has a system so willingly embraced the radical teardown of its own formal standards. But no standards means no rules. Whether photochemical or video-based, a film can now look or sound like anything.
It’s unthinkable that extraordinary new work won’t emerge from such an open structure. That’s the part I can’t wait for.
Christopher Nolan, “Films of the Future Will Still Draw People to Theaters”. (via fuckyeahdirectors)

(via fuckyeahdirectors)





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I have never hit ‘reblog’ so fast in my life.

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We just showed a young, multiplied skateboarder. 

Now just try not to be impressed by Quincy Symonds, a six-year-old surfer


I’m thankful that prayers for David and Nancy Writebol are being answered, but my heart is still heavy for the thousands affected by this health crisis in West Africa. It’s situations like the one detailed in this report: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/report-armed-men-attack-liberia-ebola-clinic-freeing-patients/ that are even more disturbing.

Continue to lift up West Africa and those fighting Ebola in your prayers!


Werner Herzog on creativity, self-reliance, money, and how to make a living of doing what you love – wisdom culled from an epic 600-page interview.