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Rachel Bastarache Bogan--video editor, artist and writer. I like making and talking about art, making movies and writing science fiction. I'm also a competitive NES Tetris player.

I'm also available for hire as a video editor, artist or writer! Check our my Demo Reel for more info.
(Portrait photo courtesy of: Robert Bogan)
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There’s no better way to say good-bye to CLT than a Contra Dance Party DJ’d by Emily Rush. Keep dancing, Charlotte Dance Gypsies!! And thank you @robo329 for the epic portrait. 😎 #contradance #clt #latergram

Journaling -
One of my stress-relieving habits is journaling. Since getting back from Europe, our lives have turned upside-down as we prepare to move out of our friends house the end of September. And rather than just moving across town, we’re moving across the country to DENVER, CO! Talk about stress.

At the start of this journey to Denver, I made the decision to journal every day. I knew I would need the mental relief as each day sees our move out deadline surge closer and closer.

In other hectic and crazy season of my life, I’ve used consistent, daily journaling in a similar fashion. That said, I’m seeing greater benefit this time around.

How about you? Any other journalers out there?

This one is for all my friends Down Under. :)


Daniel Casson
Sheffield, UK
Canon EOS 100D

What are the best places to go for nature photography in the UK, and what do you think is the best season to go hunting for incredible shots?

I live next to the Peak District and we have some of the best landscapes and nature. I would also choose the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands because they have amazing mountains and forests.

My favourite season is definitely Autumn. I love the colours and the different types of weather autumn brings. From a frosty sunny morning to a wet and foggy day, it can change pretty quick. No matter what type of day it is, the colours make the countryside come to life.

Tumblr: @dpcphotography
Twitter: @DanielCasson1

I love the golden sunshine captured in these shots.

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The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.
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Art for Ebola-I finished inking this the other night!

The week before we left for Europe, my hubby @robo329 was called into emergency meetings at his work, SIM USA. The #Ebola outbreak in West Africa had infected one of SIM’s American missionaries working in Liberia. As the week’s events unfolded, I watched, read and prayed, asking God if there was a way to do something. As I sat pondering Thursday morning before we left, I realized I could do something: I could make #art to raise awareness and support for the efforts to contain Ebola in West Africa. #prayforwestafrica #prayforebola #artforebola #wip #inking #copicmarkers

The Math Winnebago. A secret, mandatory club that no ten-year-old wanted to belong to, this mathmobile parked itself, part time, outside the private school. And we, the un-matheletes β€” while others played and explored, while they ran or laughed β€” we long divided. Like a required LibraryMobile, we…

Wow. This. I struggle with “I don’t know” all the time. I hate not knowing the answer. I have been known to make stuff up on the spot—good and accurate stuff, amazingly—just to avoid the response, “I don’t know.”

Curiously, I was homeschooled, and never felt any pressure from my parents to know everything. They encouraged my every question and learning route I wanted to pursue. Perhaps instead, it was the culture of homeschooling. Knowing that I was in a learning format that tended to produce whiz kids and yet somehow I graduated each grade each year with a C average in Math. This had a propensity to make me feel like it must be me that had the problem.

So cheers. Here’s to learning how to say, “I don’t know” and not feel ashamed about it.

This fourth person is not an SIM missionary. For those fighting Ebola on the front lines, it is dangerous work, whether you’re a missionary or another worker.

Praise the Lord, SIM’s Dr. Sacra is improving. Watch this medical briefing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmxZgPqe_f4

Please continue to lift up not only these people fighting Ebola here in the States, but the thousands affected in West Africa.

Oh boy. Pray for Liberia!

Final getting back to work on my next art piece. Nearly ready to start inking!