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Rachel Bastarache Bogan--video editor, artist and writer. I like making and talking about art, making movies and writing science fiction. I'm also a competitive NES Tetris player.

I'm also available for hire as a video editor, artist or writer! Check our my Demo Reel for more info.
(Portrait photo courtesy of: Robert Bogan)
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With a little fore-thought and planning, it’s possible to make art while on the road! On our roadtrip to Denver, I’m making time to work on my Art for Ebola piece. Laid in some more color to the sky, and did my skin-tone work last night. Looking forward to busting out the colored pencils real soon! #art #artistsontumblr #artistoninstagram #artforebola

After we left dinner in Jackson, TN, we turned to see THESE!! Stunning “God Rays” in the natural! I love when I see these light beams in the natural. Such an inspiration to my art work! #artistsontumblr #art #inspiration #artistoninstagram

Listening to good friends on the road with @ryanlantis and @carollantis. If you haven’t heard Veer, you’re totally missing out on good music! 🎢

#RufustheSockPuppetSays we’re ready for Day Two of our roadtrip to Denver!! #BoganOnTheMove

Today we went with a “new” technology and navigated by MapMap. I simply loved the tactile interface! It’s HUGE! We had access to map data on all 50 States, roadside information including construction zones and rest stops, and even time zone lines! Super-amazing! And re-navigation was quickly reconfigured when needed. And we never lost satellite reception. Thank you @randmcnally for a great roadtrip experience! 😎#BogansOnTheMove #randmcnally #roadtrip

Today’s the day! Here we come Denver!! Looking forward to our road trip across the US. Lots of fun little stops along the way. #BogansOnTheMove

what am I supposed to do next? β€œNext” is a whole lot easier to find out than β€œfor the rest of my life.” Your dreams will grow and develop over time. More importantly, you will grow and develop over time. So let yourself try things. You don’t have to nail down the course of your life. You get to do something far more exciting: you get to walk with God. Explore things. Grow as a person.

Rufus the Sock Says…we haven’t left for Denver yet. 😝#BogansOnTheMove #RufustheSockPuppetSays

Left Hand Free - Alt-J by Sundeep Toor

Love this animation by Sundeep! Totally nailed the style of the old 1930’s musical cartoons from Warner Brothers. Thanks for sharing your work, sundeeptoor